Josie's On A Vacation Far Away.

Because we have many friends who are getting married in the next year, we are saving our vacation time to attend their weddings, hang out with our families and see other friends in Georgia. My sister's wedding is in November - dress is ordered, plane tickets are not. The prices have not dropped in 3 months. UGH. Shannon, my sorority little sis's wedding is in December - dress was just picked out, not ordered, and no plane tickets have been ordered. My old roomie Melissa (Franny) is getting married in May. Since her wedding will be in Indy, I really want to attend so I can meet Peyton Manning. I might wear my jersey to her wedding. :)

With that being said, the only vacation (and I use that term VERY loosely) was a month ago to meet my parents in San Antonio. We drove down there Thursday night and met them at the Westin hotel - loved the hotel. It was very nice and on the Riverwalk, but not in the middle of the restaurant/bar scene. On Saturday we took them to the Alamo, picked up a few gifts and a had lunch on the Riverwalk. Mom and I continued to go shopping, but didn't find much.

That night we ate at the most amazing restaurant - caprese salad, a crazy cream cheese jalapeƱo bread dip, crab cakes, wine, asparagus, and the fabulous strawberry dessert I had was amazing. Justin and I went out for a tad bit that night, but I think we were both in a food coma. If you are in SA and have a special occasion, pricey, amazing meal, then you must dine at Bohanan's.

The next day we decided to go see a 3-D movie about the underwater African world - this amazing movie was about the travels of sardines. So weird. So misleading. And so not worth the giant drink that I dumped all over myself before it even started.

Saturday we ate on the Riverwalk followed by some madness at Tabu with my husband. He was hazed and introduced into the Riverwalk Pirates - quite an honor for those who know what it means. On Sunday we dropped the best parents in the world off at the airport and headed back to Abilene.

I am excited for the next few weeks/months. We have a lot of big decisions ahead, exciting announcements to make and interested things planned (did I mention my old grumpy husband is turning 28)?!? Danny Devito, I love your work!

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