"Do You Gotta First Aid Kit Handy?"

I am highly convinced that if my office had a reality "The Office" show, we would be FILTHY rich. I mean like "I would never have to work another day again" wealthy. And then I would have my Auburn orange Aston Martin (or Astro Martins as I like to call them).
I saw my first one in Auburn at Mikata. It was amazing.

For those who do not know, I am adopted. I think about finding my birth mother alot, but I have not taken any steps to doing so. I'm not even sure where to begin. So if you have any ideas please share. With this being said, sometimes I wonder if she is ever a customer calling our office (this theory comes from an incident that happened like 5 years ago - I may share it sometime). I have had some very interesting conversations with people in the past few years through the phone. One in particular was a lady who thought I was her therapist and kept me on the phone for 30 minutes. Some of the highlights from our conversation in

"TMJ is like speed."
"My husband and I only get along sometimes - for him long enough to have a baby."

And then the best  looneybird one that seriously freaked me out.

"......But she died because she said the wrong thing to me." - talking about her ex husband's ex wife. Ummm really?

I got off the phone seroiusly thinking I might have been punked........And then there is that weird idea that invades my brain - what if that was my birth mother? Maybe I don't want to find her. Regardless, it would have made great TV.

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