"I'm Like Tinkerbell. If You Don't Clap, I die."

Probably my favorite line from the Lady Gaga concert that night. 
Since I don't feel like recapping every single detail, I thought I would share some photos. 

I went to the concert with my good friend CLAWS a.k.a. Rasheeda.

Before the show we saw some very Gaga inspired costumes....Some were cute, others not so much. 
And then there was the concert. She is crazy. 
Gaga on a fired up piano.
A beautiful, crazy costume.

A little um not innocent pose, but I think the paparazzi had just killed her.
Her in the TinkerBell costume trying to escape the FAME MONSTER.
Closing with BAD ROMANCE!
So to recap the concert, it was very interesting. A few times I thought I would actually walk out of the concert because I am way more conservative that most of her following, but WOW. I had a great time! I think Britney's concert was better (not because I am a Britney fan, duh), but because Britney was actually smack dab in the middle of the arena. No matter where you sat you could usually see Britney or at least be entertained by her circus folk. Gaga was at one end of the venue - luckily we were on that end. She sang live for most of the time (I think) and I was very amused by her dancers. I liked that she would talk to the people in the crowd - very cool. But since she only has 2 albums (one that everyone really knows) it was not a concert just filled with music - and that was okay. I had a great time!

Following the concert we met up with our husbands, had a few cocktails, went to Denny's and back to the hotel room. The next morning we woke up and hit up Six Flags in Dallas. We splurged and bought the Fast Pass (it helps you skip the line so you don't wait forever in the heat, but it cost an expensive penny - what at Six Flags is not expensive though) and purchasing that pass was the best decision we made that day. All in all a great weekend with some fabulous best friends.

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