Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole
8 Slices Of Bread - cubed
1 Lb. Sausage - cooked & crumbled
1.5 C Cheddar Cheese - shredded
10 Large Eggs
2 C Milk
2 t Dry Mustard
1 t Salt

In a greased casserole dish, place the cubes of bread on the bottom. Top the bread with sausage (make sure it is cooked) and shredded cheese. Mix the eggs, milk, mustard and salt together. Season this mixture with pepper and pour it over the sausage mixture. Cook for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

I believe I got this recipe from All Recipes, but I am not sure. Oops! I have never made a breakfast casserole before, but our good friends came for the weekend and I was excited for the excuse to try this recipe out. It was SO good. I served the casserole with a side of buttery, garlic toast. It was a filling breakfast and everyone enjoyed it. The seasoning was great and not one ingredient stood out from the rest. It was not too cheesy or too "eggy." The next time I do this I will attempt to throw in some hash browns as well. It says this can made the day before, but I did not attempt that. I also used leftovers for J's breakfast for the next two days. A breakfast casserole that reheats well is definitely going into my recipe box.

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