Smokey Mesquite BBQ Meatball Sliders & Baked Penne

If you read my previous post you know that J & I have a friend we like to lovingly call "The Roommate." TR (The Roommate) also goes by the name Daddy's Jewels and has made appearances on this blog before. TR/DJ was recently promoted and moved back to the area, but needed a place to stay for a few weeks until her place was ready. Last Sunday she wanted to cook dinner and found this amazing recipe on Pinterest that we all loved. I wish I could take credit that we came up with this totally unhealthy, amazing idea, but I can't. Instead, may I present:

Holy cow these were good. I mean really, really good. J loved them. I loved them. TR/DJ loved them. They seemed to not take a long time to make either (although I was also watching Law & Order SVU so I'm not really sure how long they actually took). We also had leftovers and they were just as good heated up the next day or two. I swear this little concoction is something everyone will enjoy and would be great for football season, parties, date night (you may want to cut out the onions), etc. This recipe is not mine, but you can get it here.

Another recipe that was a hit last week was the Baked Penne that I stumbled across on Pinterest.

This was simple to make and tasted great. It also made plenty of leftovers that reheated nicely. I will definitely use it again. You can get this recipe here.

Both recipes were a nice, welcomed change from my steamed veggies and baked chicken/fish dinners. My poor house guests. Clearly I am starving them.

**Both pictures are from the recipe sites and are not mine. I mean did you really think I could take great photos like that from my iphone?

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