Month Eleven

Such a big month! We found out you were moving up to the one year old room a bit early due to your walking and table food consumption. You also received your first bite from school. Apparently you had a toy that your friend wanted so she bit you. Sounds reasonable to me. 

Sleep: You had some bad nights where you could not get comfortable. So bad that we even resorted to co-sleeping which does not work for anyone except you. Even then, it still didn't really work for you. On the few nights where we had to do this you would grunt and flip around. It turns out that the never ending ear infection was to blame.

Clothes and Diapers, etc: You are still in size 6-9 clothing and size 3 diapers.

Bath: You love Splishy Splashy time with your daddy.

Medical: Blasted ear infections. It kept returning (or never fully going away). After many (like four) rounds of medicine, we had to give you shots to fight the infection. For three days you had to go to the pediatricians office to get a shot. We also were referred to an ENT to discuss the option of tubes. You also may have had Fifths Disease and did have a nasty cold. Cheers for building up the immune system!

Food: I still nurse and pump for you, but am having to give formula more and more. You are only on table food and do so well. You are an amazing eater and will eat anything and everything.
Stats: No measurements for this month.

Development/Mannerisms: Such a big month! You started learning the word "no." When I said it you thought it was hilarious and would giggle. Then dad would say it and you would cry. A sign of what to look forward to? You began to walk more and more. You can take 5-7 steps before falling. Also, you are very vocal and make a ton of noise. You will say "dada" and occasionally "mama," but haven't put together many words yet. No worries, your focus seems to be on walking. You were a bit more fussy this month. I'm sure this also had something to do with the constant ear infections. If we (your dad and I) walked away you would fuss and cry. Dramatic. We have also started pushing the sippy cup more since that's all you will get in the new room at school.

Appearance: Your hair has turned blonder and must be put up in a high pony or it is a hot mess. Your eyes are still a gorgeous blue and you have better lashes than I do. Your toe and finger nails are sharp and always out of control.

Blowing Kisses
Moo Moo (cow figurine)

Being left alone

All About Mom:
I've got nothing.

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