Month Twelve

Such a busy month! You underwent the tube procedure, moved into the one year old room and prepared for your first birthday party. 

Sleep: Once the tubes were put in your sleeping went back to normal. It's been amazing. You also started napping in the new room! You take an hour to two hour nap each day. Woo hoo for a much better schedule during the day!

Clothes and Diapers, etc: You have moved into 12 month clothing and remain in size 3 diapers.

Medical: We decided to move forward with the tubes procedure to avoid any damage to your ear drums. The procedure was very quick and you were crazy cranky when you came out from anesthesia, which is normal. Two more of your teeth popped up this month as well.

Food: You officially eat whatever we eat, within reason. You also moved to whole milk a little after 11 months. I preferred you have organic milk instead of formula. After a few days, the transition was complete. After being in your new class for about 2 weeks you became a pro and mastered the sippy cup.
Stats: You are a petite doll weighing 19 lbs 9 oz. You are are 28.7 inches tall and your head measured 43.4 cm. Small stats all around!

Development/Mannerisms:You're new thing is pointing. Your dad and you love to point at each other. You also started sharing and will bring me things like a ball. At school you learn new songs and love "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Your vocabulary has picked up (most likely since you can hear now) and you like to say "no", "nose" and "hi."

Appearance: Your hair has turned blonder and must be put up in a high pony or it is a hot mess. Your eyes are still a gorgeous blue and you have better lashes than I do. Your toe and finger nails are sharp and always out of control.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Eating - food hoarder

Pretty content these days

All About Mom:
No more pumping or nursing!!!!! Although I loved the bond with my baby, the free time and not having to prepare bottles on a nightly basis is amazing.

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