Month Ten

Sleep: Still a delicious sleeper!

Clothes and Diapers, etc: You are still in size 6-9 clothing and size 3 diapers.

Bath: You love Splishy Splashy time with your daddy.

Medical: All we have done is fight the ear infection that doesn't go away! We've been on a couple of rounds of antibiotics and it helps, but never goes away. You have a total of four teeth! Your top two and bottom two are now in, which is great. Apparently once you get past those four the others are okay until the molars come in. 

Food: You primarily get mommy's milk, but occasionally have formula due to supply issues. You get 2 bottles at school that are around 7 oz each (hopefully). We also started giving you more table food. I gave school permission to give you fruits and veggies from their menu so they started you on more "solid" food. It made sense since I am super paranoid that you would choke.
Stats: You weigh 19 lbs 5 oz and are 28 inches tall. Your head measured at 42.9 cm. Still a petite girl!

Development/Mannerisms: You started standing alone for a few seconds before you hit the ground. Next, you were walking with the help of adult hands or the couch. You finally took your first steps to your daddy! Now you love moving with your walker, but we have to pay attention because that sucker goes fast and you aren't quite there yet. You also began to wave which thrills the family members who we facetime with. When you read this will you even know what facetime is? Because you have teeth you sometime like to bite. It's rare, but has happened.

Appearance: Your hair has turned blonder and must be put up in a high pony or it is a hot mess. Your eyes are still a gorgeous blue and you have better lashes than I do. Your toe and finger nails are sharp and always out of control.

Splishy Splashy

Getting ready for bed
Ear Infections

All About Mom:
- It's a shame I don't keep notes on myself. :)

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