Stich Fix #3

Two blog posts in one year? Shut your mouth.

I'm back with my third review of Stitch Fix. Have you heard of Stitch Fix? You can sign up for it here.

On to my third and favorite (thus far) fix review. I had another stylist named Rachel for this fix. With each fix received, the stylist adds a personal note and gives suggestions for how to wear each item and maybe a reasoning for why she chose it for you. I was totally apprehensive when reading Rachel's note because it indicated that she was excited to create another fix for me. However, I have never had Rachel as a stylist. Skepticism aside, my optimism increased as her note was long and detailed. She also sent the mix of the fix I desired (1 dress/skirt, shorts, pants, 2 tops), which means she did pay attention to what I wanted and checked out my style profile. Cheers to you Rachel!

Stitch Fix #3

 41Hawthorn - Renesme Dress

 I am over dresses from Stitch Fix. This was a cute style and did not look hideous when I tried it on, but the design and color is not really me. Spoiler alert: If I had loved 4/5 of my items I would have kept this for the discount. I'm going to pass on the dresses for my next fix as this is the third attempt. I do give the stylist credit for going out of the box; it just didn't work. #next

Level 99 - Shannie Printed Shorts

 Oh man. I requested shorts for my last fix and this one. When I finally received a pair, it was this. I almost have no words for this. Mainly because these shorts were tagged around $70. #nothanks Created with a thin material, I present a pair of drawstring, denim shorts. I didn't mind the print, but I do not have warm fuzzies for light denim. Nor would I pay that much for a pair of shorts that resembled PJ's. I need to mention that price point on my style profile. #next

Market & Spruce - Mori Top

 What a fun top that I would not have picked out for myself. While updating the blog I realized that I need to take closer pictures next time. This top was tagged as pink, but I think it's closer to red. This tank has a cute, maple leaf (maybe?) print in pink (red?) and blue. The only problem is that it has two buttons at the top. What do I despise? Button ups. This top did not fit as the buttons did not lay flat on my chest. However, I did contact Stitch Fix and requested a different size. I really hope it fits in the chest area because I really liked it! #winning #maybe

Margaret M - Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant

 Since my first stitch, I have continuously requested Margaret M pants. This stylist finally came through and sent this beauty. I love the comfortable fit and am super excited about the colored print. My other Emers have held up well and I hope that trend continues. As of now I think I like the cropped style better, but that may change with these. #winning

41Hawthorn - Angela Quilted Detailed Blouse

 This was a pleasant surprise! I was hoping this wouldn't be a plain blue shirt (see my post about my first fix) and was relieved when it wasn't. Around the shoulders the top has a quilted texture and I like the subtle detail in the center of the top. I like the style as it has a cute cut on each side. Additionally, I really liked the bright blue color and do you know what's even better? It matches the blue on my Emers! #winning

Overall, I am hoping this fix will be a 3/5. When I have the time to shop I mainly stick to the Loft as I feel like I always need clothes for work. What I am loving about SF is that the items I keep are things I would not have picked out myself, but they (usually) are acceptable for work and play. I hover around the cheaper price points and so far, (start crossing those fingers) have had zero issues with the items being damaged after wearing and washing. I have requested to keep Rachel as my stylist for the next fix so see you back here in a month!

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