#2 - Nine Weeks

It's been a while blogger friends1 

As I sit here and type today, I am 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant with bambino number 2! I cannot blog throughout the first pregnancy and not do it for the second. Heck, I'm already nervous about another baby book since I didn't complete the first. #momfail

Prepare yourself - it may only be baby posts from here on out. 

How far along: 9 weeks + 5 days

Total weight gain: Down 5 lbs. - literally the ONLY benefit to being nauseous ALL day. 

Maternity clothes: No! Although I bet I will be out of my old clothes by the end of the first trimester. I have some maternity clothes from my last pregnancy with E, but will probably buy more. There are many cute options now!

Stretch marks: Just some left over ones. :sigh:

Sleep: Give me all the sleep. I try to get 8 hours every night. If I don't get enough rest, I feel so much worse the next day. I've only recently started waking up once to use the bathroom. Sometimes I actually get up and other times I try and go back to sleep until my alarm goes off. I sleep well, but do switch sides quite often. I never had a pregnancy sleep pillow, but think I might splurge this go around. 

Best moment of this week: Hearing the heartbeat at our FOURTH doctor's appointment today! Yes, you read that right. Around 5 weeks I went in for a confirmation appointment (my yearly check up was already scheduled so it worked out perfectly), which consisted of bloodwork. Due to a history of miscarriages, the doctor wanted to see me back at 6 weeks for an ultrasound. We came back at what was thought to be 6 weeks, but they couldn't detect a heartbeat and the baby measured at 5 weeks + 5 days. So, we went back to the doctor two days later for another ultrasound. This time a heartbeat was found! We were also able to hear it, which I didn't know was possible through a vaginal ultrasound. 118 beats per minute! Today we went in for a regular ultrasound and Baby Bram (yes, I'm bringing back the Britney + Cam reference) had a strong heartbeat of 176 and was super squirmy. The baby was curled up like a cat and seemed to be measuring smaller, but started moving and stretched out to confirm that we are measuring right on track. 

Miss anything: Going to the gym and coffee. I've been sick since the end of week 5 and it has continued. 

Movement:  Just what we could see on the monitor today. 

Food cravings: The only thing I can really tolerate this week is Chipotle - a burrito with a little bit of steak, lettuce, sour cream, and cheese, please! Apple juice is pretty good too. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Everything. I feel like I can eat more with this pregnancy, but I am still ill. I force myself to eat and it changes weekly. Bananas, Ritz crackers, Larabars, quesadillas, potatoes, and bagels have all been in the rotation, but I cannot finish an entire meal. La Croix, Ginger Ale, and Peach/Ginger tea are about the only fluids that I can stomach. 

Have you started to show yet: My fat is just fatter. :) 

Gender: I just want a healthy baby!

Labor signs: Gosh no

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Quiet. That's my mood. If I talk I want to puke. :) Not moody though. Just calm and silent, which I'm sure J appreciates.

Looking forward to: Telling people. Seriously. It's a hard secret to keep!

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