"Californiaaaaaaaaaaa. Here We Come."

I am extremely pumped about that the Real Housewives of the OC has returned another season of drama. I love this show, but I am having issues with Tamra. On the show she looks so strange to me - it's like she had work done after her divorce, but she looks like a squinty pug. I also don't understand why she thinks Gretchen should just move on and forget their rough past. Tamra was the "mean girl", but has partly lost her cattiness as she is going through a divorce - pretty sure Gretchen does not care nor will she care since Tamra was horrid to her.

Tonight is the bachelor FINALE. Woo hoo! Like most of America, I have fallen in love with Emily from this season of the bachelor. While in line at Kroger the other day, I read this horrible article on how she was gold digger seeking celeb status. I was shocked because she does such a good job of playing (close to) a saint on this show. But there is usually some truth to the stories US Weekly and In Touch run........Sketch. But according to this site, In Touch's story doesn't pan out. WHEW! I would hate if my reality TV wasn't real! \

Enough about reality TV. I feel like a crackhead being awake so early today. Our fridge (specifically our freezer) has frozen over for the third time so I am awaiting maintenance to fix it. My fridge is currently at a lovely temperature of 58 degrees. Have I mentioned I miss my house? :)

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