"I Was Born This Way"

Thanks for the title today Ga Ga. You know what I was born with? Allergies. Actually I have no idea if you are born with allergies or if they just evolve during life. 

Doesn't this look like fun?
Can I get a woo hoo for allergy testing? 
 Since this place decided to re test me  the allergist was not too impressed with the doings of my doctor in Abilene I was able to get pricked 40 times. Lucky me. It actually was better than the test in Abilene, which involved 90+ pricks.

Good news of the day? I am not allergic to cockroaches. Yes, they actually test for that.


  1. omg they test you on your arm??? I went with a friend and they do it on her back? Owwie. I thank God for the lack of allergy problems in our family!!!

  2. They did here, but when I went in Abilene it was on my back and arms. That one was really painful/annoying, but this one wasn't as bad. Weird.

  3. Where did you go for your testing? I got mine done a couple of months ago.... allergic to just about everything.

    Including Cockroach.

  4. I got it done here in Columbus - Allergy Center of Brookstone or something like that....When I had it done in TX it was with an ENT who apparently is NOT an allergist doctor (so the ppl here told me). :)


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