"Hey Soul Sister"

I feel like I have been so busy these past few weeks.

Between visitors, trips to ATL, Wrestlemania (yes you read that right) and more visitors, I feel like I haven't had time to update the blog. My bad. Plus, our computer is in full sketch mode so it's a rare occurrence if I can complete a post without my computer freaking out and my screen turning into a pinstripe design. Yup, sketchy.

Regardless, I have alot to catch up on and I was lucky enough to post two new recipes.


One of my newest adventures is being a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Oh what's that? Your heart just stopped over the tiny fact that I will be mentoring a young child? Join the club!
My little sis will be addressed on the blog as "M." I met M last week and had our first outing yesterday. M is a triplet (way cool right?) and she is in 3rd grade. I have a few pictures on my phone, but honestly I am not sure if I am allowed to post them on my blog. Yesterday, I took M to Chill (awesome frozen yogurt place where you can make your own creations) and it was quite fun. I was afraid it would be awkward, but she opened up more once we finished our treats or she was jacked up on sugar.M is very sweet and is a good mix between being a sporty girl and a girly girl. I am looking forward to this experience! The best part of the outing? At Chill she asked me why I liked Auburn. My reply? "It's the greatest school in the nation." Her response? "Oh I cheer for Bama." Ahhh. Now it is clear why she needs me in her life! ;)

On another positive note, I found my camera charger! You might get to see better pictures aside from the magnificent ones from my iphone.I guess I will be forced to do more updates now.

Lastly, I am requesting many prayers for tomorrow. It is NOTHING bad. J and I are fine. The family is fine. But, if you happen to think about it, send a prayer my way!

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