Is There A Song About Boobies?

I wonder if this title means that you cannot access my blog from a computer that has any kind of parenting or business monitoring on it. Oops so sorry!

Weird, weird, title. I know. But I think it is very important to share with you one of the best things I have ever used. I cannot remember who recommended this site to me, but they used the site after watching a rave review of this company on Oprah.


This company sells the most amazing sports bras in the world, well at least in my world. Are you laughing because I am currently blogging about a stupid sports bra? Well don't. It has changed my life. Okay now that I am being dramatic let me tell you about this bra. It has so much support for any size chest (especially great support for those who need it). I mean it is amazing.
It is tight yet comfortable. It has about 20 or so clasps that connect on the front and is composed of spandex and nylon. It is extremely durable and machine washable. Their customer service has been great each time I have ordered one and if you order a pink one online, 10% of their profits go to FORCE - an organization created to help those affected by cancer.

Anyways,  I just ordered another one and wanted to share this site with those who may need that support! Hehe. Seriously, these are not the cheapest undergarments, but it is well worth the price.

The site offers every day bras and tees, but I only use the sport one. And if you get one and say you heard about it from me, maybe I will get a free one or Oprah can interview me about it the same day Britney or Cam Newton is on her show.....Okay I'm done.

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