Beef & Mushroom Lasagna

Beef & Mushroom Lasagna:
1 can cream of mushroom soup - fat free
1/4 C skim milk
1 lb. ground beef
Jar of Prego fresh mushroom Italian sauce - you can use any kind
8 cooked wheat lasagna noodles
1 C shredded Italian cheese blend

Stir soup and milk in a small bowl until smooth. Cook beef in skillet over medium high heat until browned. Stir often and season (I seasoned with pepper and garlic). Drain fat and stir in Prego sauce. In a greased 13x9 dish, layer half of the beef mixture and top with 4 noodles. Use half of the soup mixture to top the noodles and repeat. Top with cheese and cover dish. Back for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Remove cover and heat broiler. Broiler dish uncovered about 4 inches away from heat for 2 minutes or until cheese is lightly brown.

My awesome mother sent me this recipe. This lasagna is SO good. It's very easy to make especially if you are not into creating your own sauces. J hates mushrooms and really, really likes this recipe. So if you are also scared of shrooms have no fear. I also changed the sauces I use so that it does not get too shroomy. This is also another excellent dinner that can be frozen for a later date.

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