Beef Stroganof

Beef Stroganof
Mushrooms - small can or 2 hand fulls if fresh
Ground beef - 1 lb
S & P

Cream of mushroom soup - fat free
3T dijon mustard
Broth - a splash
8 oz Sour Cream - light 
16 oz Egg Noodles 

Start a large pot of boiling water. Once boiling, add egg noodles and boil for 11 minutes. Heat oil in a big pan and brown mushrooms and garlic (I cut up the mushrooms real small since J is not a fan). Add beef and season with S & P (if too much grease is produced, throw a few T of flour in). Add soup, mustard and mix well. Add sour cream and bring to a boil. Throw in a splash of broth if needed to thin. Mix very well. Once the noodles are soft and the beef substance is mixed, toss ingredients together and serve!

I know this is not one of the prettiest meals to look at. In fact, I have only cooked it once in the past few years. J loves it, but I tend to think of it as a "manly meal." Since I am trying to cook meals for J that are large and can be frozen so that I don't cheat on my diet, I thought I should try this again. It tasted super yummy and was so easy to make. Plus, it makes a TON! I would say it easily will serve 6-8 people. I was able to divide into 5 medium to large containers to store away in the fridge and freezer. SCORE!

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