"Can I Get 500 Dollars In Ones?"

C and I worked at Limited Too together back in the day. I mean like freshman in college back in the day. It was a hot mess at first sight. We have the most RANDOM things happen to us and very entertaining stories that only are written when our powers combine. Our powers are so strong that we have come to expect the unusual in every day situations when we are together. After we moved back home with our parents (separate parents although we are both adopted - separated at birth obviously) we hung out a ton until I moved to Texas. She was the first guest I saw when I turned the corner to walk down the aisle for my wedding. But, almost every time I visited Georgia we were able to meet up for dinner, drinks or both! So it would be no surprise that she was offered a promotion here in Columbus where J and I moved to - literally about a month after we moved here.  I would like to say that she was somewhat inspired by my running so last week we made the search for a 5K in the near future. It was a humid Wednesday night and we found one for that Saturday. Yup - it was literally in the next few days. C works out and runs, but hasn't done distances yet. I assured her that I thought she would be fine. We put on our brave faces and decided to run!
Car ride over to the race.
Now that you are enjoying my novel, let me continue. That Saturday's race was at 8 PM. Around 6 PM it began to storm! I was excited for the excuse - until the weather cleared up. However, if you know anything about Georgia in the summer time you are more than familiar with humidity - well guess what? It's 100 times worse after a rainstorm. Regardless, the race went on as planned (minus the fence obstacles we had to climb through 4 times again, when our powers combine....). My goal was to finish before my time (38:40 ish) from my first 5K. Once the race started I could not catch my breath. I have never felt such a lack of oxygen from running as I did with that humidity. It felt like weights were sitting on my chest. Along with that came the "rolling hills" that were in the course description. Rolling hills are lies. Rolling mountains is WAY more realistic.
Before the race.
But, in the end I finished with a time of 36:15. I was proud of my time because I shaved over 2 minutes off of my last 5K time. And then all I could think about was how much faster it would have been minus the humidity, mountains, obstacle courses......Regardless, I completed my goal! C did excellent as well for not have trained at all for it. She finished about a minute before me so we both completed our goals time wise!
The back of her shirt is lacey and see through. HAHA.
I should have started a blog about all of our random stories. Another time, another time.

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  1. Congrats on the 5k! I almost got on the treadmill tonight...then talked myself out of it! Maybe tomorrow...I promise to start blogging more often! I need to take more pics on my photo when I'm out and about. I haven't cooked a lot lately since Brent is still up in Montgomery--but I need to! There are a lot of recipes on Pinterest that I want to try. If you are not on Pinterest, you need to join--SO ADDICTING!


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