Autism Speaks: Follow Up

I wanted to write a follow up blog post regarding my run for Autism. I apologize that this update was not sooner, but we have had some random car issues come up and I was ill with a fever for most of last week. Yay.

Last Sunday (or two Sundays ago by now) on October 16th I participated in the 5K run for Autism Speaks. There is nothing like a "fun" run after a day of tailgating. It was also a lot warmer and a much hillier course than I thought, but all in all it was a great run for an awesome cause. I finished the 5K in a little over 31 minutes, which has been my best time to date.

I was able to raise $380! Even though my goal was $500 I am not disappointed! This also helped my team rank in the top 5. Woo hoo! Alpha Xi Delta raised over $40,000 for Autism, which is a huge amount of money for a sorority philanthropy.

Don't judge my ability to look awesome in all photos.
A lovely, sweaty, smelly picture of yours truly after the run.

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