"I Put A Spell On You"

Happy Halloween!

Back in the day I had a lot of fun on this holiday. In fact, over the past few years I helped host some pretty awesome parties. This year is the first year - maybe ever - that I didn't get a chance to dress up. Is this a sign I am getting old? Every year I am Britney Spears. I mean EVERY year I have worn some sort of costume that relates to Britney. Last year I was her fairy tattoo. The year before I was the circus ringleader. In my mind, I don't think I needed to dress up as her because I have turned into her. Fact.

On that spooky note, J (my husband) has this new thing he is on the look out for. He loves to read what churches do to celebrate Halloween. Most churches have fall festivals, etc. Well the church across the street from us was holding a cookout for the holiday. You could join them for a "Holy Ghost Wiener Roast." Yes I am serious. If I can take a picture I will put it up as proof. I'm not witty enough to make this stuff up.

DQ teams up with Girl Scouts to promote a girl scout blizzard. However, this is freaking hilarious.

Apparently if you are a rewards member at TGI Fridays you get free chips and salsa. This measly amount of five chips and 3T of salsa was brought out to our table to thank us. Heavily debating sending this picture into corporate just to let them know that teasing your reward customers with a half put together appetizer doesn't make the customer happy even if it is free.
I am super mad this pic will not load properly, but if you turn your head you will see how great Columbus, GA is. Here we were driving to dinner when this man with a sombrero was sitting on this blow up animal thing. Just chilling. On the side of the road. On top of train tracks. No sign. No message. Nothing. Just a grown up man and his blow up animal friend.

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