Toothpick Tricks

Sometime this past weekend my car was under attack and vandalized by toothpicks. Actually it may not have been this weekend; it could have been last week.

Confused? As was I when I got into my car on Sunday and saw this:

Let's rewind. If you have remotely spoken with me in the past 3 weeks then you have heard my constant complaining regarding my poor, little car that became violently ill Florida/Auburn weekend. As it turns out my car had a jacked up transmission.  And thus the car drama began. Basically J and I shared a car for two weeks while the transmission was rebuilt or something. On 3 different occasions during these two weeks the transmission person called and said the car was fixed. J would pick up the car, drive it a few miles and the check engine light would magically come back on as the car struggled to switch gears - or whatever. The whole situation is frustrating, but even more so because I believe all automobile businesses try to rip consumers off. Last Thursday, my car was returned and so far the check engine light has not lit up. Thank goodness.

A few days later, I got into the car and noticed the sketchy toothpicks in my visor. My visor has issues of staying up when not needed. In fact, it refuses to stay up and falls down ALL the time. Apparently, this annoyed a mechanic and they took their anger out by using MY toothpicks and stabbing the visor. Yup, they took the green little toothpics in my consul and ninja rigged the visor. I would not be so angry aside from the fact that their oily, dirty, little paws left grease on the toothpicks, no one gave them permission to fix the visor and lastly, no one gave them permission to stab a hole in my visor.
Visor pulled down.
Dirty, smudged toothpicks when the visor is up. 
What would have happened if I did not have a stash of toothpicks laying around?

And for your information, the visor is semi fixed. Instead of falling all the way down, it only falls about 25% of the way. Scandolous.

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  1. Can I show you a toothpick trick??


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