Oprah Who? My Favorite Things....For Now

 I adore mascara and at the same time I loathe it. If I could afford it I would pay for eyelash extensions. I hate my eyelashes and envy those who have long, curled lashes. Sigh. However, Falsies Mascara is the CLOSEST thing I have found to make me happy. Just the black kind - NOT waterproof. 

 I love the light for my Kindle. I can read at bedtime without keeping J up. Plus it reminds me of a coal miner for some reason, which puts me in a Hunger Games mode. "And may the odds be ever in your favor."

The Run Keeper App. I adore it. You can plug in your workout or use the GPS to track your workout. It will talk to you throughout the work out every 5 minutes with your distance, speed, MPH, and how far you are from your goal speed (only in GPS mode). It's kind of awesome. 

Sweaty Bands. A work out headband that does NOT budge. I swear, it does not move at all during a workout. Plus, they have ADORABLE styles. Very fun girly ones, team ones, sorority ones, etc. I am adding this one to my wishlist for very obvious WDE reasons. Check out Sweaty Bands. Better yet, buy me one.  

If my life depended on ironing then I would perish. Instead of ironing I use this fabulous wrinkle releaser spray on my clothes. Each night I pick out my work outfit and spray it down with this.The clothing can then be thrown in the dryer, but I usually just straighten it myself. It's amazing and works wonders. No wrinkly clothes and no ironing for me!

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