Active Objectives for 2017

You may have read my previous post about how I don’t set resolutions on a yearly basis. In fact, I don’t set resolutions at all – technically. I did however establish a few blogging goals for 2017.

With a similar mindset of improving myself for this year, I thought of a few active (because hopefully I will put these into practice for the next twelve months) objectives heading into the new year.

·         Be Present
o   Is it just me or does every parent strive to be present on a daily basis? While I don’t feel that I completely fail in this area, I do think it’s important to set the phone down and tune into the munchkin. I already eliminate phones from the dinner table, but would like to improve partaking in more interactive playtime as opposed to putting on a movie while I peruse through Facebook. Oddly enough, I feel like one of my Christmas presents could help with this. Stay tuned for an explanation in a future post!

·         Improve Well-Being
o   As we all know, some sort of healthy target is usually on everyone’s radar starting in January. A year or so ago, I jumped head first into the Whole 30 program and am a strong believer in educating yourself with all things Whole 30. I intend to begin my fourth round sometime this month and would really like to maintain those healthy eating habits for at least two out of my three daily meals. Additionally, it would be nice to compete in a few races this year (like a couple of 5Ks and one 10K – yes, 10K)! I am currently hovering around three miles now and would like to aim for a 10K since I have only entered in one since I was born.

·         Organize, Organize, Organize
o   Out with the old and in with….nothing! Decluttering our home has been an ongoing project J started when he was home after surgery. We have actually conquered our closet, E’s closet, our dresser, the kitchen, downstairs closets, master bathroom and still have much more to accomplish. Along the way a few purchases have been made to assist with this clean-up, which I hope to share at some point. In other dorky news, I switched planners this year so we will see what kind of role that plays in #ProjectOrganization.

·         Increase Time with Jesus
o   I’m not a morning person, like at all. Prior to having E, I still was not a morning person but did have a job with more flexibility in my schedule. Before crawling out of bed I would read a quick devotional on my phone through the Bible app. I completed many from She Reads Truth and began a daily, yearlong one called Parenting by Design. A few years later and I am still on day 280! Needless to say, I would love to carve out some time or possibly start a different study (it doesn’t have to be on my phone). Does anyone have any suggestions for a great devotional or want to share how you fit this into your schedule? I am open to any and all suggestions!

Here’s to living my life month after month with these four basic objectives in mind. Sure, I could add many more and get very specific about what I want to accomplish, but I’m not trying to be a superstar.

I think mine are pretty basic, but wanted to share for possible inspiration and accountability. Does anyone else have ideas for personal improvement in 2017?

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