2016: My Best-selling Storytelling

Can you believe 2017 is finally here?!

I feel like I have reached that point in my life where the days, months, and even the years are flying by. #OldPeopleProblems

I for one am looking forward to a new year. For my family, 2016 was a time filled with many joyful moments mixed in with some really, really BIG lows. During a chat with a close friend, she stated “Man, 2016 has really sucked for y’all. I hope 2017 is better!” I guess I had not given it much thought, but truer words have not been spoken. This last year was a doozy. 

Like any good story (or reality TV show), ours was filled with everything an audience could want – conflict, heroes, tension and victory. You could even say that our 2016 narrative falls into multiple genres, such as:   


J & I really kicked up our dating life this year. One of our best dates was seeing Elton John in concert. From someone who appreciates pop entertainers such as Britney and Gaga, Sir Elton did not disappoint. It was such a fantastic performance!

We also attended a local Auburn club event where we met Kodi Burns and Jonathan Wallace. You can read about that event here. For our anniversary, we headed to Atlanta to watch the Falcons play the Carolina Panthers. 

Of course, who can forget Saturdays in the fall spent in my most favorite place ever? Auburn gamedays are usually my favorite dates!


This year we were able to take our little munchkin on her first beach trip to Florida. E had a blast and it was some much-needed time away from our normal busy routine. Our days were spent building sandcastles, exploring the ocean, and witnessing wildlife. 

Evenings consisted of delicious dinners (food taste THAT much better when I don’t have to cook), ice cream treats, and drinking wine on the balcony while listening to the waves. Take me back, please.

Family Saga

New chapters began in 2016. Dance class became part of our weekly schedule and E is an absolute hoot. Like her mama (or so I’m told), she marches to her own beat and knows how to steal the show. I am brought to tears from hysterically laughing when we have the opportunity to sit in on her class. However, one of the best (if not THE best) moments from this year was having my sister and BIL return to the United States. Words cannot express how thrilled I am to have these two people in the near vicinity.

While our tale for 2016 has ended, the prologue for 2017 is underway. I have faith that the Author will continue writing what is best for our family, complete with all the necessary themes and details to produce a fascinating read.

You know what would be an ideal kick off to the new year? A Sugar Bowl win for Auburn. Here’s to hoping my Tigers can pull off the upset! 

And of course, Happy New Year!


  1. I loved this post! And yes y'all did definitely have a trying 2016. I'm praying that 2017 is much better for you. And may I say that your blog is looking mighty spiffy! I'm loving all of the new updates... your profile picture is so pretty!

  2. Thanks, friend! I suppose I should get around to posting the professional pictures we FINALLY took.

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