Tortilla Rolls & A Baby Shower

A horrible picture, but the invitation once again from Jessica at Empress Stationery.
As you can gather from the picture above, I helped throw a baby shower this weekend! I love throwing any kind of parties, showers, etc. I cannot wait to have kids and get all detail crazy (think Tori Spelling on a BUDGET) for their parties. And I absolutely LOVE shower food!

Our display: spiced cupcakes, a fruit tray, spinach dip, ham & turkey pinwheels, a veggie tray, BLT rolls, tortilla rolls and a meat and cheese tray. We served cran-apple juice, cranberry margaritas and water for the mommy to be!

This is the heavenly dip I blogged earlier about. It recieved lovely reviews. You can get the recipe here. I served it with Wheat Thins and the Wheat Thin (honey harvest?) sticks.

Tortilla Rolls:
1 package of large tortillas
16 oz. cream cheese
1 small can of chopped olives

Drain and mix the olives with the softened cream cheese. Evenly spread the mixture on the tortillas. Roll the tortilla into a log shape and cut the log evenly.

*I cannot stand the taste of olives. I don't know why, but this recipe does not taste too olivey for my liking. Very yummy!

Hostesses and mommy to be: Marlena, Becca, Veronica & myself.

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