"It's Christmas Time In The City."

Most of my Christmas presents have been bought online in years past and since we are planning for a cross-country move in the next few weeks, online shopping has become my passion for the moment.

My sister (C) recently got married (we will call them C & R - stay tuned for another blog update) and they have decided to use the Dave Ramsey budget to start off their little life together. I recently purchased a cute little wedding gift for them that happened to go along with their Dave Ramsey ideals. Dave is all about using cash and using no more that what has been allotted to that category, but who wants to carry around ugly, beat up envelopes to stay in budget? Not I. While adventuring off in the blog world I came across this:

Perfect! Cute envelopes that won't get destroyed and they can be carried around to help you stay on budget. C (like myself) does not carry around cash so this will definitely be new to her. If you are interested in these for yourself or for others, please check out the shop on Etsy. She has many designs to pick from and you get to pick your own categories. Fabulous.

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