House Divided

I'm sure anyone who has lived in the South (and maybe elsewhere, but since I don't live there I cannot comment) has seen the lovely house divided logos. They are everywhere: on license plates, house flags, T shirts, etc. Here is a lovely example of what I am talking about:
In December I had told M that we could make a gingerbread house for a holiday activity. December was crazy and even though we hung out a few times, no gingerbread house was built. While purchasing a few items for our new home I saw the gingerbread kits were on sale and I had a brilliant idea - we are going to make our own house divided. I was pretty proud of this idea since M appears to pull for the other school and I bleed orange and blue. It was a lovely, messy experience and she really enjoyed it. Then J ate the extra candy. Kids.

I had issues, but the AU side.
AU roof. Check out my little trees from Toomers Corner.

M's roof.

Side of the house for the "other team." :)

M with the final product.

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