How To: Transport A Crock Pot

Have you ever tried to transport a crock pot by yourself in the car?

My friend DJ is obsessed with her car. I'm pretty sure her feelings towards her car rival the feelings a mother has for their child. It is THAT serious.

She drives a nice sports car that was recently under attack by the contents of a crock pot. She was headed to my home with her squash soup in tow for the premier meeting of HHBC, when the idiocy of Columbus drivers caused her to slam on the brakes. The crock pot could not handle it.

The food found it's way onto the purse, the seat, and the floor board of the car. It was a hot mess and DJ had a breakdown. A few days a little too late, she discovered how to successfully take a crock pot in the car.

The trick? Use rubber bands to secure the lid on the crock pot.

So simple. So effective.

I have followed this advice on a couple of occasions and have had great results - yummy food and a clean car.

I still place the pot in a box or wrap a towel around it just in case it happens to tip over.

Maybe this was something you already knew, but I was fascinated with the idea. Safe travels!


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