2011 Recap

A post that is not related to my cooking? Shocking.

I figured it would be typical to give a lovely review of our lives in 2011. Maybe I would have more personal blogs if I wasn't afraid of getting sued by the people I would write about. I kid!

Let's begin with Auburn winning the National Championship this time last year in 2011. An ice storm hit Columbus and I basically cried and screamed at the cable company who had rescheduled THREE times. Therefore, I had no cable for this game but we were able to watch at a local restaurant. WAR EAGLE! This was also the first year we were close enough to travel to all the home games so we decided to become season ticket holders. I will always cherish the times spent in Jordan Hare Stadium and the amazing people we have had a chance to stay with and tailgate with on game day weekends.

J and I knew it was in God's plan to move us to Columbus, GA. Everything fell in line. Everything except for my job (at least according to my standards). I had a hard time adjusting from being employed with a wonderful organization with the BEST coworkers anyone could have dreamed of, to going crazy in a 1 bedroom apartment with the kitten mittens. Luckily, HE still provided me with employment and I am forever grateful for that. Maybe He was waiting for me to realize that I am not defined by a job or defined by my financial contributions to the household (although J would disagree hehe). Lesson learned and I am excited for what 2012 holds.

On that note, we actually found a church that we have enjoyed attending this past year. As a result we have gone to church more times in 2011 than we have in the past 10 years that we have been together. The only problem is that it is a big church so it's hard to feel connected.

This was also the year that we had allergy testing done on our baby kitten mitten, Fendi Foo. I am aware that I now sound completely crazy, BUT when you have a cat that has had allergies for the past three years we decided that its would be a wiser decision to see what her allergies consisted of. Pumping her full of pills is not healthy and the continuous vet appointments could be costly in the long run. We (and by we I mean J) gives Fendi her allergy shots that are made based on her allergies. So far, so good. We will be able to tell how much of a difference it makes when we are on a maintaining level.

With that healthy note, J is now missing a gallbladder. While on USAF orders for the Reserves, he had emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder. Thank goodness for the military insurance, TriCare. More so, we were extremely thankful that he was on active orders at the time.

Although I still have my organs I decided to kick of 2011 with a goal to start running. I have been consistent with working out throughout this past year. I completed a few 5K races and even completed a 10K race this past spring. This is a huge step since the only workouts I did in the past 5 years consisted of the boot camps in Texas.

We attempted my first NASCAR race. I say attempted because it was rained out. Obviously, I am not meant for that sport.

Big Brothers Big Sisters accepted me as a volunteer. I hang out with M twice a month and it has gotten to the point where she calls me to check in. Very awesome. I encourage anyone to get involved with this program if they can.

Britney continue to be my home girl. I cannot write this post without mentioning her concert in July and that fact that she is engaged (again)! Hopefully, this marriage will be slightly better than the other two.

Surprise! At the end of the year, J & I purchased a home here in Columbus. Over New Years weekend we were moving our things from the apartment and from my parents' home in Atlanta to our new house. We did not tell many people as we had been working on this home since September. We decided to do a semi-custom build this time around. I am not sure I could have actually handled a fully custom built home. There are far too many options and choices. Luckily, building during football season kept my mind off it! We are so thankful that God has blessed us with this opportunity and we look forward to making this house our home. The kitten mittens are still not sure what to think of having two floors, but so far we are enjoying it.

This has been an interesting year to say the least and I hope 2012 is a bit calmer. I do not have resolution for 2012; I have never been that type. However, I am always and forever grateful to our Creator who has allowed my family, friends and myself to live another year. Health is something that is often taken for granted until it is gone. So for 2012 I want everyone to realized the blessings they have been bestowed with. And world peace. It has taken a year to discover that I should focus my attention on all that I have been given and not concentrate on the negative because in reality, my negative is nothing to what people are going through on a daily basis. For that, I am grateful.

War Eagle.

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