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Artsy craft skills are something that I completely lack. It was a miracle that I kept my job with the girls scouts. My bestest friend for years upon years happens to be one of the most talented people I know and she is very chill which is a great balance for our relationship. Ha! P was so artsy that she would use paint pens to decorate her shoes during our time at a very rule abiding private school. Loopholes my friends. Once she decided to paint every wall in her room a different color. We then proceeded to decorate the wall with quotes, autographs, etc. Bless her parents.

P has started a blog about that will have DIY ideas and showcase her talents as well. She also has started a business. You can rent her for parties. If you have ever been to a Sip 'N Strokes place or somewhere the girls go to drink wine and paint a canvas for a few hours, well this is what she does. She will travel to YOU and bring the supplies. A great idea for any type of girlie party. P is in the Atlanta area so if you are interested in doing this for girls nights, alum events, etc. you should contact her.

Visit her blog to see how creative she is at My House The Canvas.

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  1. what a cool idea!! I wished I lived closer, I would definitely hire her!!


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