Rachel Ray: 30 Min Chicken Under a Brick & Salad

Chicken Under A Brick:
4 boneless, skinless chicken breast
 Bay Leaves
Mix: parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme - chopped, mixed a T of each
2 T grill seasoning
1 lemon zest

Brush chicken with garlic and bay leaves. Drizzle chicken with evoo. Mix the herbs, grill seasoning and lemon zest and coat the chicken. Place chicken in a large pan (use evoo to coat), place a smaller pan on top and weight the small pan with something heavy - like a brick or large, canned food. Cook chicken for roughly 4 minutes on each side (enough to brown). Then take the pan and place in the oven (400 degrees). Cook until done. Serves 4.
I enjoyed making this recipe. I had yet to use my zester, a gift from my wedding (yes it was finally used after almost 3.5 years of sitting in my kitchen). Regardless, I had so much fun!!! It's sad how I find joy in doing adult activities like cooking now. :) Make sure that the pan you transfer to the oven can be put in the oven. I used google to make sure my Caphalon pans can be placed in the oven and withhold high temperatures. Back to the recipe....It was good - the seasonings went very well together and I felt like it was a healthier dinner choice. Hubby J loved it as well. 

2 romaine lettuce hearts - chopped (I used baby spinach leaves)
1 head of radicchio - shredded
1/2 C mixed fresh herbs - whatever is on hand, chopped
2 T honey
1 lemon - juiced
2 t grainy mustard
S & P

Combine ingredients, but honey and mustard. Separately, mix the mustard, honey and lemon juice from the lemon in the previous recipe. Mix in EVOO and season the dressing with S & P. Dress salad, toss and enjoy!
First, I used spicy brown mustard and used the leftover herbs from the previous recipe. Secondly, I added some shredded, cheddar cheese. I have a slight cheese obsession. I firmly believe it makes anything better - a sandwich, pretzels, soup, salads, veggies, fries.....the list goes on. I thought the salad needed something else so BAM, it was thrown in. J & I both loved the salad and especially the salad dressing. Everything went so well together. Definitely a keeper!

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