Sizzle Stir Fry

I want to apologize in advance for my horrible pictures. I know I have apologized before, but I think this is reaching a new level of a novice photographer. Pretty much all of my photos are taken with an iphone - my camera charger has disappeared from the voyage to Georgia from Texas. I know it made it to Georgia, but I can't find it now. Ugh. In Abilene I was somehow signed up for the Kraft magazine that had a ton of recipes made with their products. And that is where this recipe comes from.

Sizzle Stir Fry:
1/4 C Italian Dressing (fat free)
1T soy sauce
Minced garlic
1 red/green/yellow pepper - chopped
Chicken or Sirloin Steak or both

Mix the dressing and soy sauce. Add 1 T of the mixture to the meat. Toss to coat and let stand for a few minutes. Heat oil and garlic on med-high heat. Add meat and the peppers. Cook for 4 minutes, add remaining sauce and simmer for 2 more minutes. Kraft recommends serving over rice, however I did not.
I have made this with chicken and steak - both are delicious. It is such an easy and quick meal that is way more healthy than some of the casseroles I post on here. :)

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