And The Oscar Goes To....

I have such original titles.

First of all, my cook book review for Rachel Ray is up and listed below. I was nervous to try her ideas. I registered for some of her cookbooks for my wedding, but had hardly used them. Rachel frightens me, but I did enjoy her recipes (for the most part).

This week I will be cooking from my ALL TIME favorite cookbook. It was the first one I started cooking with and I picked out new recipes to play with from it.
Yes you are seeing the picture clearly - it's an AUBURN cookbook! I think there was a contest for sororities to earn spirit points by submitting recipes for this cookbook - anyways, I absolutely love it. There are so many recipes and subjects to choose from. If I could still purchase it I swear I would buy it for anyone getting married or anyone in need of a cookbook.

Okay back to the title of the post. Did anyone watch the Oscars? I typically don't get into this award show - I had it on in the background while I updated the blog last night. What I do love though is the red carpet coverage. Yup, it's all about the dresses for me! So with that being said, I present to you the outfits I adore and loathe.

 I just wanted to show you how AMAZING J Hudson looks. Weight Watchers works.


I loved everything about this dress. I want it.

You either love it or hate it. She reminds me of a lady I would see on a stamp, but I liked it.

I think I have a thing for feathers now. I am not a Swank fan, but I liked this dress.

Mila has been killing it since Black Swan came out. The cut of the dress was almost to low, but she pulled it off.

Love the color. I am almost over Natalie because of all the Black Swan attention, but this has been my fav pregnant dress to date.

Once again I love the color. It's different.


It reminded me of water. I don't know why. She has the body to wear it, but I found it boring.

I saw a comment on FB about how this looks like a bedspread and I agree 100%.

I wish she had worn more color. It falls flat for me. 

I know you all were dying for my opinion. Who am I to judge? I have lived in gym clothes for the past few weeks!

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