War Eagle.

Auburn has been on such a roller coaster ride these past few months from cheating accusations, winning championships and now the horrific and devastating destruction of the oak trees at Toomer's Corner. Maybe I phrased that a bit dramatically since the trees are still there, but what happened is so sad. I understand that many people cannot grasp why this is such a big deal to the Auburn family. It is a hard concept to explain, but check out this article. I think he did a great job of trying to relay the powerful tradition of what someone tried to destroy. The Auburn/Alabama rival is so strong and it is unfortunate that it reached this level. As an Auburn alum, I feel so sorry for the university  - that one crazed fan has associated Bama with his actions and he is not an appropriate representation for Bama whatsoever. The Iron Bowl is typically a mutual respected rivalry and these actions definitely went beyond what the rivalry stands for. I admire the Alabama alumni who created the Tide for Toomer's facebook page - over $36,000 has been donated. That is so crazy to me and yet so wonderful that both schools have come together for this cause. I am well aware that there are still haters out there (Haterville - RHOA anyone?), but it's oddly comforting that this has somewhat united the rivals - at least for a hot minute. :)

I just wanted to give a quick update on my new obsession:
One of my fun finds in this new area is this frozen yogurt bar. This might be a common concept for most people, but we had nothing like this in Abilene. They did open one a few months after we moved. Anyways, you can mix whatever yogurts you like and add whatever toppings you desire. You pay by the ounce (Chill offers a 15% military discount - HUGE) and they have punch cards! Does anyone have punch cards anymore?!?! There is a location in Auburn so if you didn't know, you know now.

So there is my random post for you - if anyone reads this. Feel free to follow me if you do! I am off to watch the Bachelor - any favorites? Emily is my favorite, but I think he will choose Chantel or Ashley. I am not going to snoop on the internet for a spoiler so please don't ruin it if you know!

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