My brain is not seeing clearly now.....the randomness emerges.

1. I love to bleach my teeth with the white strips. However, it randomly numbs my tongue. Completely strange. Luckily, my tongue does not get bleached.

2. I want to use that latice (or whatever its called) to lengthen my eye lashes. Has anyone tried it? It says a side effect of using it could be growth in a random area.....So you may have hair growing like not in the last line??? Sketchy. 

3. I need a job.

4. I need a new hair person either in Columbus or Auburn. I would love to go back to Dimensions. Does anyone still go there and know roughly how much it $$$?

5. I need a new computer (laptop preferred) and a wi. Yes these are needs and not wants. 

6. My husband has decided he wants to be more healthy since it has been a whole smoke free month - ideas for workouts for him - someone who really does hate to work out.

7. I need healthy MAN meal and snack ideas. Please help. 

8. Lastly, I will sell season 2 of the original 90210 show for $15 and buyer pays S&H. I'm ready to buy season 3.

9. Nothing taste good as skinny looks. 

10. Did I mention I need a job?

PS I cannot change the layouts and design of my blog.....Can anyone help? The design editor isn't working for me.

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